Sunday, December 16, 2007

Were Gay Dinosaurs Worth Saving?

The homeless prostitute brings in her things and sets up on the floor. She is thinking about how it was back in Sweden, where she is from, before she got on meth, and before her back was covered in poorly etched tattoos. When she is resting comfortably, with her head almost touching her pink knees, she speaks in her reedy, inflected manner.

"I wouldn't recommend falling in love. If you can learn to live without it, that is preferable."

And then I said to her... I says to her... I ask her, because I want to know--what is her opinion on this, I ask her... "Should people with leprosy and a past history of psychosis be allowed to teach our children?"

"Well?" I says to her.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Up from the Ghetto with the Help of My Stiletto

Kill All ArtistsEvery day I hear the people moan,

"Why should we buy postage stamps? We can make our own!"