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Monday, March 14, 2011

Come with me... if you want to win

The first tiger blood infusion made specifically for high priest Vatican assassin warlocks with adonis DNA.

There is no guarantee that taking this infusion will give you magic and poetry in your fingertips.

Duh, winning!

Procured at SXSW


LoneIslander said...


ScottD said...

need me some of that

J.D said...

hahahah epic win! i need about 5 pints of that STAT!

LazyTheKid said...

I wonder what Emilio Estevez thinks about the shenanigans of his brother?

Ian said...

Oh dear. Somewhere a line has been crossed, but I don't care because I want some tiger blood!

Big Unicorn said...

Oh hell yes. Where did you find this?!

ankmanpro said...

Tell me where you buy that stuff NOW!